Havspaddling, västkusten

Planned release for iBooks in english and german in spring 2016.

Sea kayaking

Sea Kayaking the Swedish West Coast is a unique guide for kayaking from Kullaberg Nature Reserve in the south to the Norwegian border. The book provides general information about each section, including tips on local attractions and launch sites.

The book also provides a thorough description of the appropriate locations for an overnight stay in the archipelago – all with maps, photographs, and positions. Our unique right to access is a great asset, but the number of places were you can pitch your tent is limited and is further restricted by different types of protected areas. With the help of this book, you have an excellent basis for your planning and an invaluable companion for your tours in one of the world's best areas for sea kayaking.

In the book, we give a thorough account of all the protected areas (national parks, nature reserves, bird sanctuaries and seal sanctuaries), which is available on the west coast.

this is what it will look like! (translation available soon)

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Even if we can pack a lot of stuff in a kayak, books are both heavy and bulky. With an iPad you can bring a whole library on your trips – and battery capacity are getting better and better. We believe in this format, as we tried in the last few years. The only real downside we can see is that it can be a little tricky se what’s on the display when it is sunny.

On longer trips, we have an extra battery pack that charges both iPad and phone. Solar chargers sounds interesting for really long trips.