Scuba Diving equipment – choice, maintenance and function

Scuba Diving Equipment

The work on this extensive and very detailed book is now completed. The book gives you a good overview of available scuba diving equipment, it's use, how to care for and maintain it, but above all how it works. The review of the diving apparatus structure and function is very thorough, where appropriate models are explained with clear illustrations.

Made for iPad

The book is made originally for the iPad. The electronic format provides much greater opportunity to interactivity than the traditional printed book and it will be updated as necessary as an app.

Other formats

We are working with the book for other formats. This work is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2015.

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Complement to the book about dive equipment

Presentation slides
The Presentation Slides are a complement to our book on diving equipment. They are addressed to instructors and leaders who conduct courses or lectures on diving equipment. The Presentation Slides follow the same order as the book, and it is the same images. The difference is that we have chosen to concentrate the format by making it both more clear and to give the presenter greater flexibility. Virtually all of the text is removed and it is the basic illustrations that are displayed in large format. Additional illustrations are available in a smaller size at the bottom and can be tapped-up if necessary.