Scuba Diving

The basic skills and knowledge you learn on the entry-level course is fully sufficient to dive safely the rest of your life. But after a while you may decide that you want to know more – out of pure curiosity or because you want to start working with diving to give others the opportunity to experience all that you find so wonderful. Then you have great use of our books. They are not tailored to any particular training organization or manufacturers, but we have tried to gather the information we believe to be important during the nearly 30 years we have worked actively with dive education.

Scuba Diving Equipment

Scuba Diving Equipment

Scuba equipment is a very important part of scuba diving – without it not much remains of the activity. Regardless of whether you rent or have your own equipment, it is important to have a basic knowledge of how it works. This book gives a very detailed description of all parts function, with lots of clear illustrations – not least when it comes to the function of the diving apparatus.

Dive Theory

Planerad release October 2016

In the early days of diving, the pioneers didn’t know so much about how we are affected under pressure, so they had to test the limits. With more knowledge, the dive training became more theoretical. Today only the necessary theory will be covered on basic education. In this book we show how the scientific laws govern us in our exploration of the underwater world. The book covers physics, chemistry and human physiology, with lots of practical examples and applications. For marine biology and oceanography we refer to our titles in these areas.