we love water!

Water, especially the ocean, has long been an important source of recreation. No matter where we choose to spend our leisure time, there is often a lake or beach nearby. For many it is not enough to simply relax on the beach, but we want to have an active leisure time. Our choice is scuba diving, kayaking and sailing – passions that we are happy to share.

Diving Tubbataha


Diving provides a great opportunity to experience environments that most people only get to see on film or pictures. Development of both equipment and training have made diving an increasingly popular activity, where in particular tropical areas attract exploration of underwater world. Our books on diving is addressed to the divers who want to go further and learn more after initial training. The books are not tailored to any specific organization or manufacturer.

Sea kayaking Swedish west coast

Sea kayaking

The Swedish archipelago is completely unique and the best place on earth for sea kayaking – no tides, lots of small islands with protected passageways and, of course, our unique right of public access. A Kayak is cheap, it is easy to transport to and from launch sites, it gives us the opportunity to explore areas that cannot be reached with a keel boat, it is completely silent and it is a relaxed form of physical exercise. Can it be more perfect?

Sailing Sweden


The boating scene has radically changed the last 15 years. More people are buying their own boat, but the majority is smaller, open motorboats for day trips. Even large yachts and motorboats are becoming more common, so popular marinas and natural harbours are crowded during peak season. Another development is that more realize their dreams to sail further away – the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, around the world. Our guides will help you to get on with your dreams.