Field guides

Interest in the ocean and its inhabitants is ever increasing. We no longer see this huge amount of water as a convenient dump with endless resources to receive the waste products from our affluent society. Whales and dolphins have long fascinated us and speeded up our imagination about what it is like to live in the sea, and it is now common with movies about the underwater world, both on TV and in the cinema. But knowledge of the animals and plants that live there are still relatively limited for most people. One of the problems is, of course, limitations in accessibility, but the biggest obstacle is probably that it is difficult to take advantage of the knowledge available.

The purpose of our field manuals is to make the underwater world more accessible to all by providing pedagogical and easy-to-navigate way to show the amazing diversity of animals and plants that live there. Our field guides are intended for all who have an interest in the sea – divers, sailors, kayakers and anglers – but also for students and others who want to learn more about the animals and plants that live in the ocean.

Blåsfisk Moalboal


Today there are over 20,000 described species of fish, most of which belong in tropical waters. Common species of fish can be easy to identify, but there are also species that are very difficult to determine, even for experts because there are so many different forms or similar species. These books show the main characters of the species to provide a fast and accurate identification.
Bergvägg Nabben

Plants and animals in the sea

These books show marine species from the surface down to about 40 metres/130 feet. The books are not comprehensive encyclopaedias, but they treat common species of plants and animals that are found along the coast in the area. All species are clearly illustrated and in most cases supplemented with photos. Similar species are shown on the same spread to facilitate identification.